100 Word Challenge

One fall day the leaves were still on the tree and they were full of color. I loaded up all of my camping supply’s on the back of our quads. I kicked my Honda and my engine made a beautiful roar. I released the clutch and off I went. I got a mile into the trails before my wheel came off around a corner. Yesterday I forgot to tighten lugs. I tried to put it back on but she was stripped.I was stuck on my own in the woods I was stuck on my own for 1 day walking back home.

100 Word Challenge

Today was a day and like normal soon has I arrived at my house I threw my school bag in my room and ran out the door. I ran down to my barn with the keys to my quad I fired it up and it made a beautiful sound. I pulled in the clutch and put it in gear. I drove out of my yard and into the woods. When I was there I found a key. It seemed to be really old it was one of the coolest things that I have ever found.

100 word challenge

One week ago today I entered in the school talent show and today was the big day. I was told that I was up next I checked to make sure my guitar was in tune. I was nervous but me and my band walk onto the stage. The lights go down and everyone seemed silent but as soon has my pick hit the strings the crowd erupted. Soon everyone was singing along. Then it was time to announce the winner. The announcer then said ” and the winner is… Stacy”  we had lost to a girl who could barley play ukulele.

100 Word Challenge

I can imagine myself doing a lot of stuff couldn’t imagine is living in the city. In the city it seems like everything is so heavily congested and there are taxis flying about every where. And there is advertisements for companies to try and get people excited about there products. And the entire place seems to be barren of natural beauty Like the sight of a waterfall or the yellows reds and browns of the leaves in the fall. These are some of the reason I could never live in the city.

One Wish 100 word challenge

If I could have one wish I would wish for the ability to learn faster. The reason I chose this wish is because with this ability I would be able to become the best me. I would be able to learn the trumpet faster and also it would also allow me to skip a few years in school. I would also be able to pick up my game in racing, baseball, swim and track. With this ability I might even be able to become section leader and maybe fulfill my dream and make it into the TBDBITL.

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100 word challenge transportation

I believe the best form of transportation is large combustion cars. Large cars such as the 1966 Cadillac Coupe Deville offer plenty of room for passengers and are powered by 7.0L V8’s. With the being more room less cars are needed on the roads to haul the same number of people. Yes they might not be too good on the environment but they are practical and haul more. I also believe long distance travel should not be restricted. Restricting long distance travel violates the rights and freedoms of Americans. It would also be infringing on the right of assembly.


Image from North American Motor Cars.


About my School

My normal school day starts at 5:30 am. I wake up, make breakfast, get ready and wait outside for the bus. I arrived at the school at 7:50 and put my marching band stuff in the band room. Then I go to my first period math class. The rest of the day carries on as my schedule would. Then in 4a I go to lunch and in 4b I get to go to my elective which is MS band. Then after that I go back into regular classes. The rest of the day carries on and then when school ends marching band practice begins. That carries on until 4:30 then I head home. The middle school of our district McDowell is the newest building being built in 1971. All of our elementary schools are at least 100 years old. We have a small district and have few students. Our school is surrounded by fields on all sides. Our district is named after the famous elm tree that chief Logan stood under and gave his famous speech. A few years back our school passed a levy to build a new school. The school is still not finished because construction of the school has been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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week #10 100 Word Challenge


       This image showcases nuclear energy production. Nuclear energy is a type of clean energy and produces zero emissions and works from nuclear fission. Nuclear energy I believe is one of the ways that energy will be produced in the future. Nuclear energy has been used in America for 60 years and is a very safe form of energy. Nuclear energy is actually one of the most reliable sources of energy. It would also be a good substitute for coal because it produces zero carbon emissions. These are some of the reasons that I believe we should switch to Nuclear Power.



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100 word Challenge

      Climate change is a natural process and our climate has been changing since its creation. Some climate activists want us to shut down all industry. People like them try to create a sense of urgency that way they can make people afraid of the future. I do believe that we have a small effect on our climate but I believe lots of it is natural. Our climate has been changing since the start of this planet when we were a hot red barren landscape to now and will be long after we are dead and gone.