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One Wish 100 word challenge

If I could have one wish I would wish for the ability to learn faster. The reason I chose this wish is because with this ability I would be able to become the best me. I would be able to… Continue Reading →

100 word challenge transportation

I believe the best form of transportation is large combustion cars. Large cars such as the 1966 Cadillac Coupe Deville offer plenty of room for passengers and are powered by 7.0L V8’s. With the being more room less cars are… Continue Reading →

About my School

My normal school day starts at 5:30 am. I wake up, make breakfast, get ready and wait outside for the bus. I arrived at the school at 7:50 and put my marching band stuff in the band room. Then I… Continue Reading →

week #10 100 Word Challenge

             This image showcases nuclear energy production. Nuclear energy is a type of clean energy and produces zero emissions and works from nuclear fission. Nuclear energy I believe is one of the ways that energy… Continue Reading →

100 word Challenge

      Climate change is a natural process and our climate has been changing since its creation. Some climate activists want us to shut down all industry. People like them try to create a sense of urgency that way… Continue Reading →

Photo challenge

This is a photo I took of all the instruments in the low brass in our band.  The reason I took this photo is because a majority of my friends in band are in the low brass section . I… Continue Reading →

My Avatar

   This is my avatar it looks like me. My eye color is brown and so is my hair color. My avatar is wearing a hoodie because that is what I commonly wear especially Black hoodies which is why I… Continue Reading →

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